Friday, 10 May 2013

Mini Coles Haul!

Usually before every class i get snacks from Coles because it is on the way to my University but this time i needed to get nail polish remover. I ended up getting three products instead aha.

I have never tried nail polish remover from Coles before but priceline was on the other side of the shopping center so i thought i'd get just get it from Coles.
The quality is not that good, it takes AGES to remove the nail polish so i don't think i will purchase this same product again.

 The Nivea pearl & beauty leaves white marks on clothes which is really really annoying! Because it is hard to come off :( however it smells really good and lasts longer!

The cocoa butter cream has a strong smell but it makes your skin really smooth! It is really good for dry skin but i don't think it evens out skin tone. I will do a detailed review about this product in a few weeks to see if this really works! :)


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  2. Nice haul. Too bad about the Nivea deodorant leaving white marks.

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  4. I'm not a fan of the cocoa butter smell either but it really is moisturising.

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  6. Thats really wow haul :) each and everything is must have!
    Joined you :)

  7. I love Palmer's body lotion. Try their olive butter range if you don't like the cocoa butter smell.

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